Nametag Witnesses History in-the-Making While Shooting New Spots

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Everyone and their dog saw the images on TV. You know, the constant aerial shots of Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas as the media whipped the country into a frenzied panic. In the immediate aftermath of the crisis, it was up to Texas Health Dallas to salvage their good reputation, and fast.

That’s when Nametag entered the picture. We got the call from the ad agency (Commerce House) on a Monday afternoon and had to start shooting that next day. Amazingly, our producers where able to pull together a full crew and equipment, and we were rolling by 9am the next morning, with Chris Rupert sitting in the director’s chair.


And then there we were, at ground zero and in the presence of truly heroic people, the very healthcare workers who’d put their lives on the line. Every one involved on the shoot—from the PAs to the agency guys—couldn’t help feeling in awe. Incredibly, these frontline heroes were acting grateful to us for helping them out. But we were just doing our job, same as they’d done theirs when treating the 1st Ebola case to hit the US.

If that wasn’t enough to put things into perspective, we were there when President Obama phoned the nurses to thank them for their selfless work under impossible circumstances. We didn’t film the actual call, but we did roll on the emotional outpouring that followed. The nurses all cheered, and cried, and hugged each other. Admittedly, a few of us on the crew got a little teary-eyed.

We just want to say how thankful and honored we are to have been a part of a bit of Dallas History in-the-making. And a huge thanks goes out to Commerce House for their trust in us to pull this shoot off.

Nametag and Republic Bolster Partnership with Intense Anti-Domestic Violence Campaign

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As part of Dallas Mayor Mike Rawling’s effort to help bring an end to domestic violence, Nametag Films and Republic Editorial recently brought to life his “Be a Man” campaign in a pair of emotional new TV spots.  The powerful PSA’s, created by Dallas agency Moroch, showcase how difficult the task is to bring domestic violence into the light – one by making you cringe and one by making you cry.  They end with the simple tagline, “Be a man” and urge viewers to go online to Dallas Men Against Abuse’s website and take a pledge against domestic violence.

The project is the fourth collaboration in recent months between Dallas companies Nametag Films and Republic Editorial.  In that time period, having their directors and editors collaborate from pre-production on through post has allowed them to create a unique seamless workflow that’s resulted in a much simpler creative process and ultimately better spots for their clients.  “Chris and I began talking about this campaign several months ago and we both knew it would be something special” says James who also edited the spots.  “I knew he’d nail it because not only does he consistently get great performances out of his talent, he also always delivers great film even on a budget-tight PSA schedule.  Seeing him in action, you really understand why clients like him so much.”

“The moment I read the script I knew these spots were going to be big,” says Rupert.  “It’s such a good message and timely as well.  It was very easy to pour myself into this project, and knowing that Keith at Republic was cutting it, I had the confidence that our footage would be compiled into a pair of very impressive spots.  Everything we get out of Republic is top notch and continues to elevate our game.   I’m really proud of these and am sure they will have a definitive impact.”

The spots are the first broadcast component of the “Be a Man” campaign created by Moroch Partners.  Moroch helped the Mayor launch his campaign at a rally in March of last year and have since garnered over 20,000 pledges with their online campaign.  Moroch’s Executive Creative Director Kevin Sutton hopes that the spots will help boost their intense social media effort and encourage more men to go online and take the pledge.  “We’ve got great response from the spots,” says Sutton, adding, “Nametag and Republic really stepped up together to help us get this one done.”

Both Rupert and James have taken the pledge online at and they urge you to do so also.

 Visit Nametag Films at, Moroch at and Republic Editorial at

TBT: Nametag Films Gets Tough

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Nothing says “team building” like army crawling under barbed-wire in a pit of fresh mud!

A couple of weeks ago Nametag Films got muddy with friends, and ran the Tough Mudder in Dallas, Texas. One of our beliefs at Nametag Films is that collaboration is key to great work… and great fun! So, we teamed up, accepted the obstacle course challenge and this is what happened.


Fashion at Its Finest in STATUS

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Nametag’s very own, Zack McDowell, has blown us away with one of his most recent projects. Zack recently moved to New York to be closer to the fashion scene and one of his first shoots in the Big Apple landed him a spot in STATUS Magazine! None other than pop sensation, Lana Del Rey, graces the cover of STATUS’ September issue, and includes Zack’s fashion editorial within its pages. When asked about the project, Zack had this to say: “I started this project as a way to experiment and further push my post work. I hope to translate this style into video soon.” -Oh, we sure hope you do too, Zack! Continue pushing the boundaries creatively and keep up the amazing work!

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STATUS is Asia’s youth culture magazine and focuses on fashion, music, art and urban lifestyles-from Singapore to Paris, LA to New York, and everywhere else in between.

Crew credits:
Photographer: Zack McDowell ( | @zackcmcdowell)
Model: Adesuwa Aighewi ( | @paleafrican)
Stylist: Aubrey Closson ( | @aubreymayoclosson)
Hair: Michael Johnson ( | @michaelnycity)
Make Up: Alana Wright ( | @lovealanaskye)