Spilling The Beans, And A Lot More, On New Nametag Films Work

By | Chris Rupert, New Work

What do the world’s largest independently owned branding agency and the world’s largest home improvement retail store have in common? Chris Rupert.

Recently, The Richards Group hired Rupert to direct a project for their long-time client, The Home Depot. Touting the benefits of the mega chain’s new Lifeproof Carpet, the charming two-minute video – also produced as a :30 for broadcast – features a boy named Henry who is, well, being a boy. He tests the limits of the stain resistant carpet through a unique product demonstration, which was plussed up as a result of a close collaboration between Rupert and The Richards Group creative team. “We knew it had to be fun to truly engage the viewers,” said Rupert. “That meant that the little kid needed to put on quite a show.” Fortunately, Rupert is known for his ability to pull great performances out of actors. And this was no exception. Rumor has it the director even initiated a playful Nerf battle on the set to help Henry get into character.

Director: Chris Rupert
Agency: The Richards Group
Art Director: Rob Hollenbeck
Copywriter: Greg Christensen
Post Production: Treehouse Edit
Client: The Home Depot

Director, Chris Rupert Challenges His Creativity in Multi-Series Project

By | Chris Rupert, Director

Testing the art of hand built machines, Junior Burrell goes to work on a café racer.Burrell attempts to make as many parts as possible from hand during this build while at the same time staying true to original café racer philosophies.Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 4.22.20 PM

This film is the first in a multi-series project designed to challenge the creativity of the builder, and the director, Chris Rupert. Rupert self imposed creative rules for each piece. In this first film, the creative rule was that there would be no camera movement. Energy had to come entirely from movement in the scene, and the art of the edit.

Launched just last week, it has already earned recognition and respect from the motorcycle community, drawing in 4,895 views.