Chris Rupert started his career as a still photographer. For more than ten years he focused on one frame at a time before he took the leap into the film world of 24 frames per second. Starting as an editor, he learned the framework of storytelling. This combined knowledge of the post world and his eye for graphic compositions, gives Rupert a unique perspective as a Director/DP. Rupert’s strongest quality, however, is his ability to put people at ease and direct actors and non-actors alike with a natural and energetic approach. Rupert is passionate for his work and dedicated to challenging traditional thinking to create innovative ideas and solutions.

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Chris in action

What others say about working with Chris:

“Fresh. Current. Honest. Stunning. Human.”
Eddie Snyder / ECD, Peter Mayer

“Chris Rupert is a the consummate professional and a true artist. Every single job he has undertaken for Slingshot, he has treated them with such enthusiasm, hard work and artistry; it is just a privilege to watch him work and collaborate with him. Creatives love collaborating with him, and clients want him to take him home! Our clients walk away raving about Chris. Chris is such a create partner.”
Ann Vorlicky / Executive Producer, Slingshot

“Chis Rupert is always a joy to work with. He brings so much energy and passion to each and every production, which is contagious in nature and seems to infect everyone on set – from his crew, to our own agency folk, and even to the talent. I’ve always appreciated his collaborative work style; he’s open to any ideas we have but also consistently adds his own creative flare to each project.”
David Soames / Creative Director, Moroch

“In over 25 years as a writer, creative director and now owner of an advertising agency, I have worked with a broad range of directors. Among those, Chris Rupert stands out as one of the very best. His talent is immense. He has an incredible eye and embraces every project with a tremendous amount of creativity and enthusiasm. But he also has a genuine, collaborative, down-to-earth approach that makes everyone on a set feel completely at ease. This, I feel, allows him to capture what others often cannot. I find myself looking for excuses to work with him as much as possible”
Chris Sekin / Owner-ECD, Johnson & Sekin Branding Agency

“Chris is an absolute pleasure to work with. His attention to detail, keen eye and collaborative nature makes for a successful shoot and fantastic outcome. Oh, and he designs a mean company baseball cap.”
Susan Levine VP, Executive Creative Director Slingshot LLC

“Working with Chris has been a pleasure. His ability to strategically understand the assignment, navigate the corporate environment, and deliver beautiful and compelling work is unique. The enthusiasm and fresh vision he brings makes the execution process all the better, and his ability to drive a project from concepting through final edit makes the process consistent and efficient. ”
Tyler Rosengren / Senior Manager, JCP

“Chris is wonderful as both a film director and a photographer. But almost more importantly, he is a collaborative partner. He joins us in the ideation process and then brings those ideas to life.”
Olga Arseniev / Creative Director, Freeman

“An effective Director looks at the big picture and that is just what Chris Rupert does. He is hands on starting with the conceptual process all the way to the last finishing touches before the spot is mastered. He thinks outside the box when he operates his cameras. Always looking for a new and creative way to get the best shot. Of course during the entire process, Chris is always making sure that we are meeting our deadlines and keeping with in the budget!”
Christy O’Hearn / Producer, Mary Kay

“If you are not working with this man, you are doing it wrong. Chris is a fantastic director, but more than that he is a wonderful human being. What makes him so great as a director is his ability to put people at ease. He has such an easy-going way about him that you immediately want to be his friend. He pays attention to the details and he listens. He has an amazing eye – I know I can always count on him for beautiful footage. It doesn’t matter the scope or budget of a project, Chris always delivers. He is thoughtful in his creative process and consistently presses for “better.” The best work I have ever done as an editor, hands down, has been with Chris and I count myself lucky to have been able to partner with him on so many projects.”
Caitlin Van Dusen / Senior Editor, Post Asylum