IMG_1496With the explosion of new media platforms, branded media has become more pervasive, and the demand for high quality commercial productions even more vital towards selling a product or cause. Corporations and ad agencies are aggressively pumping out content in the form of commercials, PSAs and viral stunts in order to gain a higher market share locally in Dallas and nationwide. Heeding the call of the top Texas advertising agencies and their prestigious clients, Nametag Films is a full service production company that finds ways to communicate brand messages across all platforms.

Dallas-Bridge_Chris-Rupert We take pride in being an award-winning, Dallas production company that matches local crew with seasoned producers and a roster of proven visionary directors. Specializing in docu-style commercials, videos and pieces relying on eccentric humor, our leading director Chris Rupert craft his projects with a keen imagination and the unparalleled ability for connecting with a consumer audience. Tailoring our production capabilities to numerous media outputs, we are fully equipped to bring an advertising campaign to life through social video content, broadcast commercials, long-form interactive and experiential video formats.

Man & Metal – No.1 from Nametag Films on Vimeo

We’re Proud to Be Apart of the Dallas Local Film Community

1378045_544584952283396_1644793353_n Over the last decade, the Dallas film community has grown exponentially, soaring to new heights. Each day, more and more commercial productions are making a name for Texas as the new Hollywood of the South. At the heart of this rapid growth are commercial and content production companies like Nametag Films that insist on pushing creative boundaries and reinventing the game. Utilizing top notch crews and budding talent, our full service production company routinely manufactures award-quality work that the Dallas film community can take pride in. In just the last year alone, Nametag Films has reeled in the Gold award at the ADDYs competition, (Nametag films is located at 3900 Willow St, Suite 100, Dallas, Texas 75226) and even had success on the film festival circuit.

IMG_2066 Fusing the experience of battle-tested producers with young, award-winning directors, our formula for success is replicated time and again. Nametag Films is constantly challenging new ways of thinking about commercial marketing, with hopes of launching the next great campaign for each project we decide to take on. Our commitment to honing new approaches to commercial advertising is tireless. Whether direct with clients or with ad agencies, for sophisticated visual storytelling with a Super Bowl-quality broadcast polish, look no further than our full service production company.

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