Chris Rupert
Director - Partner

When you work with Chris Rupert, you just come away feeling good. His gift is creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere on his sets, which does wonders for those in front and behind the camera. The feedback we hear the most about Chris is he delivers honest performances.

Chris Rupert started his career as a still photographer. For more than ten years he focused on one frame at a time before he took the leap into the film world of 24 frames per second. Starting as an editor, he learned the framework of storytelling. This combined knowledge of the post world and his eye for graphic compositions, gives Rupert a unique perspective as a Director. Rupert’s strongest quality, however, is his ability to put people at ease and direct actors and non-actors alike with a natural and energetic approach. He's passionate for his work and dedicated to challenging traditional thinking to create innovative ideas and solutions.

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