Sawyer Skipper


Sawyer Skipper stands head and shoulders above the rest—literally! At first glance, it's hard to ignore this towering creative's impressive height. But as soon as he calls 'action,' his tall stature becomes the least remarkable thing about him.

As one of the most diligent writer/director/editors in the industry, his knack for seeing the world through a unique lens—always striving for the unexpected—has turned many of his music videos into viral sensations.

From commercials, documentaries, music videos, and recently high fashion spots, Sawyer’s range is as wide as his stride. His fresh and innovative approach to storytelling doesn't just capture his audience's attention—it holds it, earning him well-deserved accolades and a reputation for producing compelling, visually stunning work.

Born with Midwestern roots and Southern upbringing, this dynamic blend of heartland warmth and southern charm is the secret ingredient to his exceptional people skills—on and off the set.


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