Award-winning Storytelling

Award-winning Storytelling

We're delighted to share that we’ve earned two awards for our recent TaxAct spot, “Here to Help the Helpers.”

And trust us, we’re grateful for the recognition, but maybe not for the obvious reasons.

We’ve been around a while now, and our view on awards has really changed with each year of experience we gain. What we’ve discovered is this achievement can really only mean one thing: that we successfully collaborated with the client to not only serve their needs but deliver something unique and artful which exceeds expectations.

So, while the award went to us, we couldn’t do this without clients like TaxAct, who enter the engagement with trust and willingness to explore unconventional avenues. Their visionary approach sparked our creativity, enabling us to craft a compelling narrative and embrace innovation.

This award is shared with TaxAct, our dedicated team here at Nametag, and every client who allowed us to expand our capabilities over the years.

Take a look at the spot below.

From the Director...

“From the very beginning, we wanted the Tax Professionals that use TaxAct to feel seen. Their late nights and hard work often go unnoticed, so that was goal #1... A framework we identified early on was to not just make a commercial but a love letter from TaxAct to all the men and women helping thousands of people during what can be a difficult tax season.
I think we did just that, and I am proud of the feels we were able to bring out in this spot.”
- Sawyer Skipper, Director