God in the Details. A case study.

God in the Details.  A case study.

What makes a conversation fascinating?
Is capturing a beautiful moment a matter of luck?
For Telly-winning film director Jonah Ingram, the answer is in the details.

To spark conversations with couple Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood, Ingram relied on simple yet unconventional details.

But that wasn’t always Jonah’s style.

“I was always a big picture guy until I became a father. That’s when I noticed after having these amazing new food or travel experiences with my three sons, that we’d talk about micro small details afterwards. A joke in an elevator. The music playlist during a road trip. Our waiter’s description of secret recipe. I learned all those little things really matter, and their sum is what made for a special experience.”

As a film director, Ingram’s attention to tiny details led to a huge impact. The Mike and Carrie conversation series took off like wildfire, going out to 1.3 Billion viewers, with Entertainment Tonight calling it “remarkably candid” and “comforting to everybody”.

This video case study breaks down Ingram's detailed approach to set design, camerawork, interview style, and being a transparent director.