How To WIN With Live Event Content

How To WIN With Live Event Content

At Nametag Films, we’re not just about creating videos; we’re about crafting experiences. This month, we’re focusing on how to WIN BIG with live event content, sharing insights from our successful projects with Mary Kay.

How to Win with Live Event Content

Creating content for live events is uniquely challenging. Unlike social media or broadcast, there's no rewind button. We meticulously plan our content to allow moments for cheering, laughter, and excitement, ensuring the audience doesn't miss key dialogue. This careful planning helps us deliver powerful and engaging experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Success Stories with Mary Kay

Our work with Mary Kay is a testament to our expertise in live event content. Here are three recent award-winning examples that highlight different aspects of our storytelling approach:

A Documentary Celebrating 60 Years of Success

Nametag produced this acclaimed five-part documentary as a showcase of Mary Kay's sixty spectacular years. Woven into the annual Seminar's programming, the documentary was shown over multiple days and enjoyed by thousands of Independent Beauty Consultants. Our innovative use of XR technology allowed us to bring interviewees from across the U.S. to a single stage, enhancing both storytelling and production efficiency.Then. Now. Always. The Mary Kay Ash Story was so well-received at the live event that a full version was made available for those unable to attend Seminar; it soon swept up five prestigious awards, and the momentum only keeps building!

The Snake Oil Salesman

Designed to excite and energize the audience while kicking off Mary Kay's glamorous annual Seminar, this piece also announced the company's status as the #1 direct selling brand of skincare and color cosmetics in the world. Featuring familiar faces, a hearty dose of humor, and a trip back in space and time - all the way to the Wild West - The Snake Oil Salesman set the stage for a very memorable event. Enjoy a preview version here.

It Just Fits: Madison Bigham

The It Just Fits series highlights the diverse journeys of Mary Kay's Independent Beauty Consultants, showcasing their dedication and passion. Another element of the Seminar experience, the series serves to inspire both existing and future IBCs. In this episode, you'll hear Madison Bigham’s story of growing up pink and finding confidence and friendships after starting her Mary Kay business. Watch the video here.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

One of the keys to our success with brands like Mary Kay is our focus on building lasting relationships. It's never about making a quick profit; it's about being a trusted partner in solving creative challenges and delivering results over the long term. At our core, you’ll find determination, hard work and generosity.

Awards and Recognition

While awards aren't our primary measure of success, they affirm that we're on the right track. Our recent accolades for Mary Kay projects are a testament to our dedication to quality and creativity.

Then. Now. Always. The Mary Kay Ash Story
Silver Addy, 2024 AAF American Advertising Awards
Best of Show, WRPN Women’s International Film Festival 2024
Official Selection, International New York Film Festival 2024
Platinum Award, WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2024
Silver Winner, 45th Annual Telly Awards

Mary Kay: Youngsville (The Snake Oil Salesman)
Gold Winner, 45th Annual Telly Awards

It Just Fits: Madison Bigham
Bronze Winner, 45th Annual Telly Awards

If you need a quality partner to create engaging live event content, reach out to us. Let's make something great together!