Moving Beyond Reality – An Introduction to Extended Reality Production

Moving Beyond Reality – An Introduction to Extended Reality Production

Shooting movies and ads at real-world locations adds a unique charm and magic to your content that a soundstage, backlot, or green screen cannot offer. However, shooting on location has its own challenges. From finding locations and securing permissions to traveling with staff and carrying equipment, there are various challenges involved. Add a pandemic, the resulting restrictions, and travel bans to the picture, and you have a tough task to pull off.

Extended Reality makes a great alternative to location filming!

Before we go into the details of how extended reality is changing the filmmaking industry, let’s first quickly take a look at what extended reality is and what it involves (to help those who may not be much aware of it).

What is Extended Reality?

Extended Reality, commonly referred to as xR, is an umbrella term used for studio environments created using Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) techniques. The cutting-edge technology allows filmmakers to create an endless variety of interactive and immersive environments within the confines of a studio. 

What makes xR Stage Better than Green Screen?

Shooting with a green screen has long been a common practice in film and broadcast. But, with xR in the final picture is created on set, which makes it seems that the days of the green screen are numbered. The technology provides a wide spectrum and a broad number of tools to work with. 

Unlike green screen that can sometimes make it difficult for actors to get into a moment and feel the emotions required in a certain situation, the xR stage gives a ‘real-world’ feel that enables actors to perform better. It also enables the technicians and director to do their work better by providing them a ‘real-life’ backdrop. Simply put, with the xR stage, everyone on the set knows what they are working with. No more imagining the surroundings in the head!

What Other Benefits xR Offers?

xR stage provides a great solution to filmmakers who need to shoot at multiple locations. By allowing them to bring the locations to the studio, the advanced technology helps save great amounts of time that would otherwise be spent traveling and shooting at different locations. This is life-saving for filmmakers working with strict time schedules and/or celebrities with busy schedules. 

xR technology also gives director complete control over the environment that lacks in real-world settings, as mentioned in the beginning. It also significantly reduces the post-production work.

xR technology is not only ideal for motion pictures, it can also be used to create impressive ‘real-life’ backdrops.

How is xR used in Filmmaking?

Being a newbie in the world of technology, xR is quite expensive and limited so far. It’s primarily used to create hyper-realistic situations in big projects. However, it’s gradually making its way into the industry as more and more people are learning about its creative potential. With xR technology, you’re only limited by your imagination and creativity.  

In the near future, we can expect to see the xR technology spreading not only within the filmmaking community but also in the corporate world. 

Providing the Cutting-Edge xR Stage in Dallas

When it comes to advanced technologies, LA and New York are the first places that most of us think of. But, Dallas seems to be catching up with xR technology

Even though the xR community is much smaller in the city, Dallas has always been a hub of the companies that offer xR technology, in LA, New York, and other areas. This means the city has always had all the raw materials and resources but lacked xR facility. 

With the wide benefits of xR technology it’s demand has been increasingly evident. As a result, a select few industry leader have taken the lead to create the first xR studio in Dallas. Now Nametag is pushing to make not only a viable place for using this technology but the best place for it.

Captivate Your Audience with the Next-Gen xR Technology

xR technology doesn’t come without challenges; the biggest ones at the moment are the learning curve and high cost. However, it has opened new avenues for filmmakers. The liberty to create infinite amounts of immersive and interactive ‘real-world’ environments that xR technology offers makes all the effort and financial investment worth it. 

If you think XR is for your next project or just have questions about what is the best solution for you feel free to reach out to the team so we can help.