Joe Young

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I remember as a child my brother and I would stay up late playing a game called “Guess That Movie”.  We would recite dialogue from films to see if the other could guess it.  This was the early 80’s so we didn’t have phones or computers and relied on memory to play the game. Looking back, movies were our escape from everyday life. One year, a Polavision 8mm camera entered our lives, a gift from my grandfather who had purchased it to capture family moments. That super 8 sparked a love for filmmaking.

My brother and I, fueled by imagination and a lack of funds, turned our trailer park and surrounding woods into a set. Armed with a borrowed camera, we embarked on creating our cinematic masterpieces. I took on the roles of actor and producer, while my brother directed our backyard blockbusters.

In those early experiments, we dabbled in homemade special effects – think teleportation and miniature car crashes with toy trucks. We created title cards using poster boards and markers.  Our budget might have been small, but our dreams were anything but.

Little did I know that our youthful foray into filmmaking would become the foundation for our careers. The problem-solving and storytelling skills honed in those creative adventures now find a home in my role as an Executive Producer.

Today, I stand at the intersection of childhood dreams and professional reality, crafting stories that echo the backyard magic of my early years on a much grander scale. A cinematic exploration that engineers the productions of today.


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